Crazy MTN armory

About us

In 2014 two avid gun guys;  A retired Mechanical Engineer and A retired Law Enforcement Officer, were shooting and decided to do some customization of their GLOCK, RUGER, and AR-15 Firearms.  As the vision of their venture grew they obtained certifications and training with manufacturers, as well as equipment and an FFL manufacturers license from the ATF.  They also invented and developed a Patented integrated firearms device for wound care and commissioned a facility to work out of.

Headquartered East of the Crazy Mountains, in Montana, Crazy Mountain Armory was born.  Today four people in our Customer Care area work directly and personally with customers to bring them a custom firearm experience, not just “boring black in a black box”.  We sell, build, customize, and repair everything GLOCK and everything AR-15.  Our owners are old school.  They believe that personal contact with the customer is what matters.  Accordingly, we utilize the internet but do focus exclusively on internet sales.  We do the heavy lifting with our customers personally.

Our owner insists that anyone working for the company spend time on the build bench and the range first so they know what they are talking about because they have actually built it and done it.  He knows that spending time on the phone with a customer is more time consuming, but worth it to the customer and to our future.  We are not and never will be an automated impersonal website only. 

Since its inception Crazy Mountain Armory has maintained the model of personal customer interaction, seen satisfying growth, and many return customers.  We trust you will be pleased with your relationship with us and come back often.